Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dan Proft tackles Cicero

I wondered when he was going to do it. Here's his letter over at Illinois Review in response to Carol Marin.

The most effective response may be over at Kass though,
All this talk of reform is exciting, except for one thing. Proft has a problem. It's the size of Cicero. That doesn't necessarily disqualify him. But when a candidate is linked to Cicero, that candidate finds himself on the defensive.

For years Proft's public relations firm has reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees from governments in and around Cicero, not exactly the most reformish hamlet in the state.

My colleague at the Sun-Times, Carol Marin, has been merciless in dissecting Proft. She's made Cicero a special study for years. If Proft thought that one day he'd run for governor, he should have stayed out of the town that Al Capone built.

"I'm not here to try and convince you that Cicero is Mayberry," Proft said. "People can play that guilt-by-association game. I had a responsibility to a client, to represent their interests, just like an attorney would, just like any professional would. And that's what I did."

Proft noted he's also had contracts with Hinsdale.

"Nobody wants to talk about my negotiated contract with Hinsdale, because Hinsdale isn't sexy," Proft said.

I agree. Hinsdale is a nice town, but you wouldn't say it's sexy.
Nice...Hinsdale, and yeah Cicero ain't Mayberry, and we really wouldn't want it that way either.

So this gonna work?

I like Proft, so I hope so.

--Bill Baar

Congressman Hoekstra on Thomson Prison and Fear

I asked for his assessment of the threat to Illinois by placing Gitmo detainees at Thomson. He said folks should just ask for the same information on the Gitmo detainees as is available to him and the other members of the House Intelligence Committee. Everyone can make their own threat assessments. Hoekstra thinks when the average American knows what he and the committee knows, we'll all want to keep these guys in Cuba.

So ok Congressman Bill Foster, how about telling all of us in Illinois's 14th district the full bio's on these fellows the administration proposes to haul up to Illinois?

Let us all make our own assessments on how much of a target we're making Illinois.

Illinois GOP: When Will Bill Foster End His Silence on Great Lakes Gitmo?

Foster's one tight lipped Rep, that's for sure. The latest from the Illinois GOP.

When Will Bill Foster End His Silence on Great Lakes Gitmo?

Foster voted against bringing terrorists to U.S. soil last month;

Bean opposes transfer as polling shows 57% oppose in Illinois

CHICAGO – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today called on Congressman Bill Foster to end his silence on Governor Quinn and Senator Durbin’s plan to build a new Gitmo facility in Thomson, Illinois to house up to 215 Al Qaeda terrorists.

On October 15, 2009, Foster was one of only 25 Democrats in Congress who voted to keep Gitmo open and strip language from the Homeland Security Appropriations bill allowing terrorists to come to the United States for civilian prosecution (Roll Call 783). But when asked his view on the Quinn-Durbin plan to bring Al Qaeda terrorists to Illinois, Foster told the Daily Herald he was “still studying the issue.”

“Bill Foster was not sent to Congress to sit on the sidelines. I hope Bill Foster will have the courage to do what’s right and oppose bringing Al Qaeda terrorists to Illinois,” Brady said

According to a survey of 1,781 likely Illinois voters conducted Monday night, less than one-third of Illinois voters support a plan to move terrorists from Gitmo to Thomson, Illinois while 57 percent call it a “bad idea.” Sixty percent of women and 58 percent of independents oppose the plan. Even Democrats narrowly oppose the plan, 44.5 percent to 43 percent.

Yesterday, Democratic Congresswoman Melissa Bean told the Lake County News Sun and the Daily Herald she opposes transferring Guantanamo detainees to Illinois without substantial assurances regarding potential security threats.

Mark Kirk on Great Lakes Gitmo

Monday, November 16, 2009

So much for the competition with Florence, Colo for Gitmo inmates

Sounds like the deal was done on bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois.

Associated Press: Quinn Misleads Illinois on GITMO

Despite Quinn’s claim, AP reports Colorado officials were never contacted on possible GITMO transfer

Durbin, Quinn also claimed moving GITMO would create 3,000 jobs, but Bureau of Prisons says it would only hire between 450 and 500 with no preference for immediate area

CHICAGO – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today expressed his disappointment in Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin’s deliberate attempts to mislead the public on the plan to move a terrorist detention facility from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Illinois.

Just hours ago, the Associated Press reported that “Colorado officials have not been contacted by the federal government about housing Guantanamo Bay detainees at federal prisons in the state, despite public comments that a facility in Florence is under consideration.”

While Quinn said a federal prison in Florence, Colo., and another facility in Montana were competing with Illinois over the GITMO move, “Colorado officials said they haven't been contacted by the federal government regarding housing Guantanamo prisoners in the state.”

Quinn and Durbin have also misled Illinois citizens about the number of jobs the Thomson plan would create. The Illinois Democrats repeatedly told reporters that the plan would create roughly 3,000 new jobs. But in a press release distributed this morning, members of the Illinois congressional delegation reported that only 450 to 500 jobs would be created – with no guarantee those jobs would go to local communities:

“According to a congressional briefing from officials at the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Prisons, between 450 and 500 new employees would be hired at annual salaries of $37,000 to $47,000 at the Thomson Correctional Center. However, no hiring preference is given to residents from the surrounding area. Local residents would compete against applicants from across the country. Additionally, new hires must be under the age of 37, and must be or become law enforcement officers.”

“While downplaying the security threats posed to Illinois by moving GITMO to our state, Governor Quinn has no problem exaggerating the move’s economic impact or hyping a perceived competition,” Chairman Brady said. “Instead of looking out for our state’s best interest, Democrats will do whatever it takes to cover up their total mismanagement of the Illinois economy. Governor Quinn and Senator Durbin should stop playing politics with our security.”

Andy McKenna's Hair Ad

McKenna sounds silly here. Illinois's economy a shambles and Quinn hands Jihadist's a target at Thomson hauling the detainees to Illinois. Please get more serious.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DAN PROFT: State Sens. Kirk Dillard, Bill Brady Voted to Give $100,000 of Illinois Taxpayer Money to ACORN‏

uts...Pat Brady tells me ACORN's a criminal enterprise. That's real tough nuts. Not like it would be the only one in Illinois for sure, but what's the GOP doing handing out State funds to them? So Proft over reaching here? The funds went first to the Illinois Housing Authority which then distributed to others including ACORN. That's the way things worked. Were Dillard and Brady wrong?

September 21, 2009

NUTS! State Sens. Kirk Dillard, Bill Brady Voted to Give $100,000 of Illinois Taxpayer Money to ACORN

Chicago, IL – Conservative reform candidate Dan Proft released the following statement today in response to the discovery that State Sens. Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady voted to give ACORN $100,000 of taxpayer dollars:

“On Friday, State Sen. Kirk Dillard, the self-described ‘camera-ready’ Hinsdale Republican who appeared in a campaign commercial for Barack Obama, called on Gov. Pat Quinn to immediately ban all state funds to ACORN.

“‘We should not be spending tax dollars to fund an organization like ACORN which continues to violate the public’s trust at a time when our state is in a budget crisis,’ Sen. Dillard said in a statement.

“I agree. But perhaps Sen. Dillard should stop voting to fund ACORN before he calls on others to do the same.

“In 2007, both Sens. Dillard and Brady voted for SB 1167, which appropriated state funds to the Illinois Housing Development Authority which in turn distributed a $100,000 grant to ACORN.

“Once again, Sen. Dillard has let the headlines guide his convictions. Well before the recent undercover footage was aired, nine states had charged ACORN employees with crimes totaling 30 convictions. Where were Sen. Dillard’s denunciations of the group then – a group he voted to fund with taxpayer dollars?

“Sens. Dillard and Brady like to tout their respective 15-year political careers in Springfield. How’s that working out for you? It’s working out great for ACORN.”

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